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2904, 2022

Infusion Concepts : Get To Know Our Pets Team

Pet Profile : Riley Nickname: Riles Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel Age: 7 Food likes: Food, especially cat food pinched from the bowls whilst they are eating! Food dislikes: Has fazes of liking things

2504, 2022

Infusion Concepts : Meet The Pets

As suppliers of veterinary infusion products, you can imagine the Infusion Concepts team are a massive lover of pets. To celebrate National Pet Month this April, we are going to introduce you to some

203, 2022

Introducing OVAID: Helping Orangutans since 2018

Who are OVAID? OVAID, short for Orangutan Veterinary Aid, was founded in 2014 by Vet Nigel Hicks and his wife, Sara. Having worked with orangutans in Borneo since 2009, they wanted to address common equipment

1701, 2022

Infusion Concepts Veterinary Purchasing Guide

Are you looking to purchase top-quality veterinary equipment online? Our site is home to an extensive array of leading veterinary products for sale from top brands. In addition, we offer an easy to use interface

210, 2021

Infusion Conferences: BVNA Congress 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, networking events had a rough transitionary period. Zoom after Zoom has been a formidable obstacle, yet the Veterinary world continued to connect and provide the services needle to keep pets across

209, 2021

Our Waste and Recycling Practices

Infusion Concepts is taking steps to help reduce landfill waste. See how we are achieving this below:   Here at Infusion Concepts, we are passionate about trying to do our bit for the planet and

2807, 2021

Common veterinary issues for Summer

In the veterinary world, each season brings new challenges to clinics. Summer, especially ones as warm as this, can pose a serious risk to pets of all kinds. So when you're preparing for warm weather,

1407, 2021

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pump Buying

Whether you are a vet or a procurement specialist, buying an infusion pump can be a daunting task. But that's where Infusion Concepts can help! Our renowned Servicing Engineer, John "Ben" Bennett, has put his

2506, 2021

CSTDs Explained

Today I would like to look at Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs for short) made by Equashield. What are CSTDs for?  They are designed and used to provide more accessible, safer preparation and administration of