Are you looking to purchase top-quality veterinary equipment online? Our site is home to an extensive array of leading veterinary products for sale from top brands. In addition, we offer an easy to use interface and efficient ordering system designed to help you simplify your restocking process. Learn how to order the veterinary equipment you need at an affordable price, delivered straight to your clinic, with Infusion Concepts.

Step 1: Register for Account

To purchase veterinary equipment from us, you will need to register for an account. We sell exclusively to veterinary practices and wholesalers registered with official Veterinary Governing bodies. Enter your email address and choose your preference regarding our newsletter to begin your journey.

Step 2: Finding veterinary equipment

There are many ways to find the veterinary equipment you’re looking for on the Infusion Concepts site. For those who have purchased via our brochure before, you may notice that our categories follow the same scheme and colour code as we now have on our site. This makes the ordering process easy to remember and navigate for veterinary workers.

Our search system allows you to search via product name or SKU code, valid for quickly finding the specific product you’re after. You can also find additional services and related products alongside the veterinary product descriptions.

Step 3: Purchasing Veterinary Equipment

We endeavour to make the purchasing of Veterinary Equipment from the Infusion Concepts site as simple a process as possible. We utilise a simple account system that tracks past orders, shipping information and payment information. In addition, all veterinary customers are entitled to bulk discounts on select products, so feel free to contact us for more details.

We built Infusion Concepts upon a foundation of personal relationships with our veterinary partners. We’re always available via telephone or email to help you find the perfect deal that works best for your veterinary needs. We also offer easy access to our outstanding veterinary repair service via our site. Our repair service is part of our warranty on many of our infusion pumps and drivers.

On our site, you’ll find a wide array of veterinary guides on documentation, written by our expert team and provided to us by leading manufacturers. We also offer tutorial videos and more on our YouTube channel to help you purchase the perfect veterinary products for your needs.


As you can see, purchasing our stock of veterinary equipment for sale on our site is a straightforward and convenient process for any veterinary practice. Check out our complete range of veterinary products for purchase on our site today, or read more of our in-depth guides for help finding the products you need. For any further questions regarding purchasing from Infusion Concepts, please contact us today.