Infusion Concepts is taking steps to help reduce landfill waste and improve recycling capabilities. See how we are achieving this below. Here at Infusion Concepts, we are passionate about trying to do our bit for the planet and are constantly looking at ways to improve on this. As technology marches on in the veterinary world and beyond, old tech quickly becomes obsolete or falls into disrepair. Unwanted and broken electrical equipment is the fastest-growing type of waste in the UK.

Our Waste Reduction and Recycling Process

Our Service Department is routinely sent pumps and syringe drivers to be serviced or repaired. Unfortunately, some drivers are too far gone to be repaired. We aim to limit the impact of electronic waste on the environment by recycling your old product. If we cannot service or repair your pump or syringe driver, our engineers will be happy to advise you on the best product available for your needs. If you purchase a new pump or syringe driver from Infusion Concepts, we will recycle your old pump for free, saving you extra shipping costs, as well as the inconvenience of trying to recycle them yourself.

By allowing Infusion Concepts to recycle your old pump, you can prevent any potentially hazardous chemicals contained within the electrical product from contaminating soil and water. These chemicals are harmful to ourselves as well as our wildlife, should they be disposed of incorrectly.

What you can do to help is look out for the ‘crossed out wheelie bin’ symbol on your Infusion pumps, syringe drivers and other electrical veterinary products.

Crossed Out Wheelie Bin Not Suitable for Recycling

If this symbol is featured, don’t throw it away in your normal rubbish, it needs to be disposed of properly. Refer to your local council recycling policy for advice on how this should be done.

Recycling our packaging is easier than ever

Most of our packaging can be recycled – from the boxes we ship our orders in, to the plastic bags in which they are sealed.

As we are an eco-friendly company, one of the best ways we recycle is by reusing cardboard boxes to pack your orders. So don’t be surprised if you receive a flower box or boot box with your Infusion Concepts products in!

The outer packaging on most of our products can also be recycled by separating the paper backing from the plastic front and placing it in the relevant recycling containers.

Our smaller products are packed in small plastic bags, which are made from recycled plastic. They are also recyclable, ensuring that we can continue to be greener whilst also ensuring your products are received in perfect condition.

Unfortunately, we cannot use any biodegradable plastics or packaging due to the issues that this would cause with sterility and storage. However, we continue to review and research this to ensure that we are still up to date with the current situation, and should this change, we will too.

Green recycling bin


Reduction of end waste

To ensure that we can offer the best prices possible to you, we sometimes look at high order quantities on some products which, inevitably, means that sometimes the products reach their sterility expiry date before we are able to sell all of them. Here at Infusion Concepts, we are all about trying to minimalise our waste. Rather than dispose of these products, we constantly monitor our stock and send products back for the sterility to be tested or re-sterilised to help reduce unnecessary waste.

We hope this guide has helped put your mind at rest and revealed more about our recycling and waste management policies here at Infusion Concepts. As a leading provider of veterinary equipment, including syringe drivers and more, we must endeavour to keep the planet safe. Any questions? Please contact us or get in touch via our live chat services for more information.