Pericardial and seldinger

The Infusion Concepts veterinary chest drain range is designed for placement by the over the wire seldinger technique. These kits make chest drain placement in compromised patients easier than trochar drains and can be placed consciously with adequate pre-placement analgesia.

Secure thoracic drain placement, in conscious patients.
Kits can be placed as a totally closed drain.
Hole design ensures drain never blocks from soft tissue.
Kits contain all items required for safe placement.
Needle free valves are swabable and MRI compatible.

Kit Contents:
8fr drain catheter with integral stylet, distance marked.
Seldinger introducer needle.
Dialator for subcutaneous and intercostal tissue.
Guide wire on holder; straight tips distance marked.
Disposable scalpel
Adjustable suture wing
5ml syringe
Silicone seldinger compatible needle free valve.

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