Infusion Concepts

Infusion Concepts is the leading UK provider of Veterinary equipment across the globe. From Veterinary infusion pumps through to and including infusion lines and custom labels, Infusion Concepts provides high-quality service on a personal level.

With every step we take as a business, we aim to embody the passion and legacy of our beloved founder Mark Lever. His story and spirit are the foundation of Infusion Concepts Ltd.

Our Services

Infusion Concepts strives to source and develop products that meet the particular needs of your veterinary patients, rather than relying on products supplied to the human market. When developing a new veterinary product for sale, we focus on the important features needed for veterinary work.

We design and supply an extensive range of infusion & extension lines renowned in the veterinary industry. Alongside this, you’ll find a variety of essential veterinary products from leading providers on our site, including:

  • Caps, connectors and valves
  • Vascular access catheters
  • Chemotherapeutic safety devices
  • Drainage and critical care products

Infusion Concepts has available for sale a range of veterinary equipment specifically designed for large animal use. This includes infusion and extension lines, as well as transfer sets and catheters. We are nearing the completion of long-standing development work on an exciting new range of equine spiral giving sets. Please contact us for further information.

Infusion Concepts designs and supplies a number of bespoke products to our customers. These include giving sets, extension lines, syringe labels and jugular catheters. Custom-made products are created in-house by our expert team with decades of veterinary experience to meet your exact requirements. We would be happy to discuss any custom product requirements with you.

As well as offering a comprehensive technical and clinical advice service, Infusion Concepts are proud to offer a full servicing and repair service on various devices such as infusion pumps, syringe drivers, centrifuges, clippers, cautery units more. We offer a full appraisal and quote service ahead of carrying out any repair, with a very prompt turn-around time.