The directors and staff of Infusion Concepts are committed to creating an environment of working practices which ensures we minimalise our environmental impact, help support our staff & the local community whilst pursuing our mission and core purpose.

Our key CSR strategic values are:

  • To reduce our environmental impact through the use of sustainable and environmentally conscious suppliers.
  • To provide a sustainable business model which benefits our shareholders, staff and customers.
  • To provide adequate support and training to all staff.
  • To have a diverse and inclusive culture within the business.
  • To continue to look at innovative and new ideas to help both ourselves, our suppliers and our customers reduce carbon footprint, and increase sustainability.
  • To respect the Law, and ensure all business operations are legitimate and compliant.
  • To maintain our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, and emphasises the importance of compliance & regular review.
  • To be committed to the protection of our employees with the correct Health and Safety policies and reviews in place.
  • To commit & ensure all staff are committed to recycling, conserving energy and reducing waste. This can be seen in both our policy or re-sterilisation (where possible) and our distribution to charity for out-of-date products (OVAID).