Who are Orangutan Veterinary Aid?

OVAID, short for Orangutan Veterinary Aid, was founded in 2014 by Vet Nigel Hicks and his wife, Sara. Having worked with orangutans in Borneo since 2009, they wanted to address common equipment issues many veterinary workers face on the front line against the illegal wildlife trade. OVAID provides veterinary equipment and an educational scholarship program to orangutan centres across the Indonesian and Malaysian area with the help of a global supporter base. They also help volunteers reach the front-line for veterinary work in the area.

Since 2018, we’ve been proud to provide our continued support to OVAID. This charity works to supply veterinary equipment to Orangutan rescue centres across Indonesia and Malaysia. Learn all about Infusion Concepts’ work in partnership with the OVAID charity and what they’re doing to support the Orangutan population below.

Infusion Concepts: Proud Partners of OVAID

Since 2018, we have supported OVAID in their cause to equip front-line vets by donating a range of products and in August 2021 we donated a brand-new syringe driver. We supply OVAID with whatever we can to help them help orangutans.

What does the Orangutan Veterinary Aid doing?

OVAID has worked diligently throughout the pandemic to supply veterinary workers in Indonesia and Malaysia with essential equipment from the UK. From January of 2020 up until today, OVAID has directly helped four centres and 800 orangutans. They have had over £19,000 of veterinary equipment donated from numerous supportees, with over £12,000 more ready to be contributed.

The highlight of OVAIDs 2021 was their work creating a three-month training programme at Sambojia Lestari in East Kalimantan. Alongside BOSF Shweiz in Switzerland, OVAID funded and arranged the placement of experienced wildlife veterinarian Dr Joost Philipa (DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACCM) to help the centre develop and re-appraise new techniques for lifesaving orangutan surgery.

As aforementioned, Infusion Concepts works in partnership with OVAID to supply a wide variety of veterinary equipment to orangutan centres. We aim to continue to send veterinary products to OVAID whenever possible.

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To learn more about OVAID as a charity, check out their website.

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