Infusion Concepts are proud to announce that they attended The Veterinary Edge Wound Management Conference on the 18th and 19th of May 2022 at Pride Park Stadium, Derby.

This brand-new Veterinary event is in association with Wound Management Specialist – Georgie Hollis, founder of The Veterinary Wound Library & Bandaging Angels and David Ritchie, editor and publisher of The Veterinary Edge. It offered a range of lectures and workshops by leading Wound Management Specialists, contributing to over fourteen hours of continued personal development for both Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses.

Learn more about some of the lectures on offer and the speaker Alasdair Hotston Moore, who we proudly sponsored at the Wound Management Congress.

The Importance of Understanding Wound Management in Veterinary Care

Understanding and being able to advise on a suitable treatment plan for wounds is an essential skill for any Veterinary Professional. The Veterinary Edge Wound Management Conference offered a range of lectures and workshops for Veterinary Professionals, to help improve their skillset and understanding of how to manage and treat the wounded patient.

The lecture programme included twelve talks on a variety of animals from small animals to equines. They offered information on how to manage, control and heal a wide range of wound types. Some of these lecture topics include management of axilla wounds in cats, eye trauma and preservation of its’ function to the latest in dressing technologies.

The conference also offered some workshops and breakouts for practical learning. There were a range available to visit, including Bandaging techniques (including small animal and equine), negative pressure wound therapy and laser therapy. These workshops were sponsored by VBS Direct, a world-leading vet technology company. The lectures were so popular that extra sessions had to be arranged to accommodate all the demand.

Infusion Concepts Sponsoring the Management of Dead Space Lecture

We were proud to sponsor the ‘Management of dead space – which drain when?’ lecture by Alasdair Hotston Moore, MA VetMB CertSAC CertVR CertSAS CertMedEd FRCVS. Alasdair. Alasdair has a wealth of experience in the industry and has a particular interest in small animal soft tissue surgery, veterinary education, and referral practice development. Alasdair also held an impromptu session in the exhibition area where he talked about drain placement with our PVC Drenomed grenades & drains kits, as well as our DRSR round profile silicone drains and grenades.

The first day was a great success and to ensure our attendees were kept hydrated, we also slipped in a last-minute sponsor of the Happy Hour session, so you could say technically that the drinks were on us.

Happy To Help

Here at Infusion Concepts, we are always happy to help our colleagues and so jumped at the chance to be able to provide some of our drains to the Sutures and Drains Workshop held by Julian HOAD.

Krissy and Chris decided to sit in on this session and found this to really informative, although they still haven’t mastered the one-handed suture technique! Keep practising…It’s amazing what you can use as an alternative to skin, and I don’t think they will look at a banana or a chamois demist pad the same again.

The Infusion Concepts Veterinary Stall

Our Infusion Concepts exhibition stall was well attended and delegates took great interest in our drainage products. We had our products out on display and encouraged everyone to handle the products and go through the steps by step procedure of how they should be placed and used. This is so that they could familiarise themselves with them before they used them.  Although not really used in Wound Drainage we still took our Mindray Benefusion VP1 Pump, which seamless and intuitive setup and long battery life makes it one of the best Infusion pumps on the market. Along with our Optima20 Infusion Line, ideal for routine infusion therapy with its optimal gravity control and kink resilient tubing. To learn about our products, contact us today

We still have some amazing deals available in celebration of our attendance at the Wound Management Conference. Make sure to keep an eye on our website to make sure you don’t miss out!


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