Our Delivery Process


  1. Delivery shall take place at the address specified by the Buyer at the time of ordering, unless mutually agreed otherwise in writing.
  2. The Seller will endeavor to deliver the Goods, where possible, within one week of receiving the order.
  3. The Buyer shall make all necessary arrangement to take delivery of the Goods once they are tendered for delivery.
  4. The delivery date supplied by the Seller is provided purely as an estimate. The delivery time shall not be of the essence of the contract.
  5. All reasonable effort shall be made by the Seller to comply with estimated delivery dates, though compliance is not guaranteed. In the rare case where delivery does not take place as estimated, the Buyer will have no right to damages nor will the Buyer gain the right to cancel on the grounds that the stated delivery date was not met.
  6. If the Seller is unable to deliver Goods for reasons beyond its control, including but not limited to the Buyer failing to accept delivery, the Seller is entitled to place the Goods into storage until such a time that delivery becomes possible. The Buyer will be liable for any such storage related expense.
  7. Should the Buyer fail to accept delivery of the Goods on the delivery date, or five working days thereafter, the Seller reserves the right to issue an invoice for the Goods and therefore charge the Buyer. In this circumstance, additional charges may apply to cover provisions such as storage or demurrage until such a time that the Goods are dispatched or otherwise disposed of.
  8. The seller is entitled to deliver Goods by installments. Where this is the case, each delivery constitutes a separate contract. Should the Seller fail to deliver any given installment in line with these Conditions, or should the Buyer find grounds to raise a claim over any installment, this does not automatically render any other contract repudiated.
  9. Should the Buyer require delivery by installment, the Seller’s written agreement is required in advance. Under these circumstances, each delivery is considered to be a separate contract.
    1. Where this is the case, each installment independently accrues supplementary charges such as carriage and insurance, unless otherwise agreed by the Seller in writing.
    2. Should the Buyer fail to pay an invoice in respect of any given installment, the Seller will be entitled to treat any other related contract as repudiated. This is in addition to any other rights granted the Seller in respect of these Conditions.
  10.  The Buyer will be bound to accept delivery and pay for the Goods in full, regardless of other delivery considerations, provided that delivery is tendered within three months of the indicated delivery date.

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