Advantages of Volumetric Infusion Pumps:


  1. Precision and Accuracy in Veterinary Medicine:

These pumps deliver unparalleled accuracy in fluid administration and ensure the patient is given the medication or fluids they require with meticulous control, a crucial factor when providing critical care and specialised treatments for our animal companions.

  1. Tailored Treatment Protocols with Veterinary Precision:

The VP1 Mindray Benefusion and AniFM I3 pumps are available at Infusion Concepts enables veterinary surgeons to administer treatment based on the patient’s requirements. It also means that in the case of an emergency, you can start treatment within a few seconds.

  1. Automated Monitoring for Enhanced Veterinary Care:

These pumps feature advanced monitoring systems that allow real-time tracking of infusion parameters so the vet responsible for the patient’s treatment can react to any emergency without delay. Therefore, ensuring a prompt response to emergencies and allowing proactive monitoring of the case to enhance patient safety.

  1. Streamlined Veterinary Workflow:

Fast delivery of medicine and patient comfort are hallmarks of the VP1 Mindray Benefusion volumetric pump and AniFM I3  as they are designed to reduce the burden on veterinary staff. The automation of fluid and medication administration allows veterinary surgeons to focus more on the nuances of patient care and make sure they are as comfortable as possible during the medical procedure they are carrying out. Our volumetric pumps are designed to enhance workflow efficiency in veterinary clinics and allow for a more tailored approach to treating patients.


Veterinary Applications for Volumetric Infusion Pumps:


  1. Surgical Precision for Veterinary Procedures:

Surgical interventions in veterinary medicine require the vet to be very precise. It is where Infusion Concepts’ volumetric pumps excel. They maintain an optimal fluid balance during procedures to support veterinary surgeons in ensuring stability during routine and complex surgeries.

  1. Critical Care and Emergency Veterinary Medicine:

When performing an emergency procedure, time is of the essence, and this is when volumetric infusion pumps prove invaluable. They deliver controlled and continuous infusions within a few seconds of connecting the catheter; improving the comfort of a patient undergoing an emergency procedure.

  1. Veterinary-Specific Therapies:

The diversity of veterinary medicine requires specialised therapies that demand precise administration. It is why Infusion Concepts’ volumetric pumps play a pivotal role in delivering chemotherapy, pain management drugs, and other veterinary therapeutic agents with accuracy and reliability. The programmability of these pumps ensures tailored treatment regimens for individual veterinary patients.

In conclusion, Infusion Concepts offers a revolutionary approach to veterinary medicine through its state-of-the-art volumetric infusion pumps. Specifically designed for the discerning needs of veterinary surgeons, these pumps stand as a testament to precision, reliability, and innovation in fluid therapy. Embrace the future of veterinary care with Infusion Concepts—a partner in elevating the standard of healthcare for our cherished animal companions.

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