Silicone drains & grenades

Our range of silicone wound drains at Infusion Concepts provide maximum patient comfort and placement duration. We also offer a range of silicone grenades to ensure a totally closed drainage system.

Available in THREE profiles and a variety of sizes
Drains are 20cm long; bonded entension tubing is 40cm.
Available as plain drains, or with a trochar needle introducer.
Radiopaque for easy identification post-operatively.

“S” Profile drains – round and flat
Fluted channels with NO holes.
Round profile available in 3, 5 and 7mm diameter.

Jackson Pratt drains:
Classic all purpose drain, oval profile with multiple fenestrations.
Single lumen with dialated lateral margins.
Internal ridging to reduce collapse or kinking.
Suitable for general drainage and also abdominal drainage.
Available in 7, 10 and 13mm widths.

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