Who are Infusion Concepts?

Meet the Infusion Concepts team and learn about their careers and experience. To get in touch with a member of our team, click here.

Krissy Catlow
Krissy CatlowDirector
Krissy took over the role of Company Director at the end of February 2020, after the sudden passing of her Stepdad, Mark Lever. Although the shoes she had to fill were large, Krissy has stepped forward with the same passion and vigour Mark used to found this company.

Krissy is no beginner in the Veterinary field, having qualified as a Veterinary nurse back in the 90s. Although she changed her career path in 2003, she continued to be involved in Infusion Concepts and was often seen at Congresses, ferrying the beers to the stand to ensure they all had enough “fluids”.

In her spare time, she is often seen her chasing around after her two daughters, covered in mud from her two working Cockers Spaniels, pulling the straw out of her jodhpurs from her beloved horse Wilky or trying to persuade her two cats not to sleep on her keyboard!

John Bennett
John BennettService Engineer
Our service engineer Ben joined us in February 2012 and is based in York in a modern workshop facility. Ben looks after all repair work for us, both with infusion pumps and general equipment. His actual name is John Bennett, but we are just so used to calling him “BEN” although rumour has it, he’s been called a lot worse. Most of which is unprintable.
Chris Dicker
Chris DickerFinance Director
Chris works as our part time consultant Finance Director. He has over 30 years of financial management experience & spent 17 years as FD in his last role. During this time, he successfully implemented strategy and systems and his calm and pragmatic approach was a key factor in driving the business forward. He has also gained much wider business experience and skills working with other departments, and as a key member of the senior team.

Although Chris works as an independent consultant through the FD Centre, he is a very valuable & welcome addition to the Infusion Concepts team.

Chris Moreton
Chris MoretonService Engineer
Having joined the service centre aspect of the business back in November 2018, Chris quickly learned the ropes and became Ben’s right hand man. It’s just a shame that Ben is left handed. Nonetheless Chris can be found adeptly performing repair work, and handling the myriad paperwork that comes along with it.
Martin Crossley
Martin CrossleyWarehouse Operative
Martin joined us in September 2018 and is currently applying himself in our warehouse, keeping things running smoothly. Martin came to us from the West Yorkshire Police force and claims that our stock is much easier to handle than his previous ‘customers’.
Jacqui Law
Jacqui LawWarehouse Manager
Jacqui has been with the company since 2009 when she primarily looked after the warehousing side of the business. Her roles include stock management, looking after distributor orders and repacking our bulk pack ranges. She is never too far away from our company mascot, Buddy, who many say is the real brains behind the operation.
Alison Cairns
Alison CairnsOffice Administrator
Alison joined the company in November 2018 and is an all-rounder who helps in all aspects of the business, going wherever is busiest. She never stays in one place long, and if she isn’t entering orders or answering queries, you can usually find her with her sleeves rolled up in the warehouse or keeping the company mascot entertained.
Charlotte Nelson
Charlotte NelsonAccounts & Office Administrator
Charlotte joined Infusion Concepts in January 2021 and is enjoying getting stuck into a new challenge after working in a busy veterinary hospital for 6 years.
She mainly looks after our accounts but is often found at the kettle ensuring everyone is appropriately caffeinated!
When not at work you can find her relaxing (or trying to) with her one-eyed cat Dot and rather boisterous kitten Ar Kid.
Michal Szulc
Michal SzulcVeterinary Clinical Advisor
Michal joined our expanding team in December 2020 as our Veterinary Clinical Advisor. He graduated in 2005 from what is now known as The University of Environmental Life Sciences in Wroclaw, Poland and worked in practice before coming to the UK in 2006, and finally set down his roots in North Wales.
As part of his role and when he is not advising for IC, he continues to work in veterinary practices to keep up to date with the constantly changing needs of the veterinary world, expanding on his already extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise.
When he allows himself to have some down time, he is a servant to his cat, Burak (aka Rista), who is not easily, if ever, impressed by the feeble attempts to be “owned”. Michal also manages to volunteer for SARDA Wales, which also manages to keep him out of any mischief he could cause.
He also manages to keep the others at Infusion Concepts sweet, by providing them with an intermittent supply of biscuits, to make sure that they are always happy to see him.

Meet The Pets!

HariChris Moreton
Hari knew who the was boss immediately, and in her eight years has never let Chris M forget it! Hari is an indoor cat through and through after getting lost for 3 months. She is at her happiest when asleep on a knee or arm but does enjoy a good chat before breakfast.
RileyKrissy Catlow
Krissy acquired Riley when he was 12- month’s old.
He is an absolutely bonkers working cocker. Riley has two speeds: running around like a Tasmanian devil or asleep!
Although he loves to snuggle up, he is such a fidget and just can’t keep still.
Riley is at his happiest when running or swimming.
TheoKrissy Catlow
Theo came to Krissy after failing his Army assessment.
He’s lightning-quick on his beloved agility course, but his playful nature far outweighs his competitive streak.
Theo is at his happiest when rolling in the mud and sunbathing, typically in that order!
ValleyKrissy Catlow
Valley was acquired from Charlotte’s last place of work over 5 years ago. “Snotty Val” was meant to be a temporary foster. How time flies! Valley is at their happiest when Meowing loudly. They also enjoy following random kids to schools and parks. As a result, Val has to be “supervised” when out to keep her from adventuring.
DoraKrissy Catlow
Dora was acquired from Charlotte’s last place of work (a common theme!). She is a rescue who was found in the local residential home’s bin store and was named appropriately.
Dora is happiest when getting fussed over and stroked, as long as it’s on her terms!
On warm days she enjoys drinking water from the bath tap.
BelleAlison Cairns
Alison acquired Belle when she was 2 years old after living with a large, noisy family, which she didn’t like.
Now 10 years old, Belle prefers peace and quiet and can often be found sleeping whenever and wherever she wants! When not asleep, you can usually find her out sunbathing or chasing the local cats out of her garden. Her favourite food is cheese or pringles.
Ar Kid
Ar KidCharlotte
Ar Kid is six months old and also arrived to us from Charlotte’s last place of work. We’re grateful to have been able to give him a good home in time! Ar Kid is happiest when he’s up to no good, even more so now he has discovered the great outdoors!
Siyah is 4 years old and, like most spaniels, is totally crackers and very rarely still. He is happiest when there is a ball nearby, and he enjoys practising his Olympic standard dives in the local river.
JasperJacqui Law
Jasper is more than happy to have a stroke and a fuss if you don’t pick him up. He is never allowed to see the bottom of the food bowl and is happy to tell Jacqui when it’s getting low by biting her leg. When he’s not asleep in the sunshine, he is usually found tormenting the family dogs, especially Riley, jumping out on them and pretending to attack them.
JerryJacqui Law
Jerry is the brother of Jasper, and they could not be more dissimilar if they tried! Jerry is very aloof but does like the odd stroke, on his terms, of course! He absolutely adores Buddy and likes to be close to him when he can. He is very good at bringing “gifts” back and leaving them for Jacqui to discover.
JessChris Dicker
Coming from a working background, Jess is our energetic 3-year-old black Lab. She keeps Chris busy with plenty of walks but is very chilled when back at home. Jess is at her happiest when sunbathing in the garden. She often enjoys swimming, chasing squirrels & eating.
Mavis is 16 years old. Up until she was 10, she was not to be stroked, ever! She has now seen the error in her ways and is certainly making up for the lost time. Mavis is happiest when sleeping or being very vocal, especially where food is concerned!
BuddyJacqui Law
Buddy was introduced to Jacqui by Krissy and has stayed by her side ever since! So you’ll often find the pair patrolling our warehouse if Buddy’s not having a nap.
Buddy’s at his happiest when he’s carrying something or splashing around in the water.
DotCharlotte Nelson
Acquired from Charlotte’s last place of work, Dot is now seven years old. She doesn’t let that stop her from living an adventurous life, however, and neither does her missing eye.
Dot is happiest when watching birds watching from the bedroom window and can often be seen leaving ‘surprises’ for Charlotte.
WilkyKrissy Catlow
Wilky has been there and done it all, starting his life off as a racehorse before moving onto eventing, making him the ideal schoolmaster. Although he is supposed to be grey, Wilky is happiest when he is mud coloured or grass-stained. He loves his carrots and apples but is partial to whatever sweet treats are on offer
SamKrissy Catlow
Meet Sam, the newest member of my family. He is a 14yr old Welsh Section D and is full of fun and mischief.
Initially he came on loan to Krissy and her two girls, however the opportunity came to be able to buy him so he is now permanent fixture.
He is very good at keeping the girls on their toes and is constantly throwing new challenges (or Sam-isms as our instructor calls them) at them.
Having been there, done that, Sam is bringing the girls on quickly with their riding and more so their jumping.
This year (2022) is the first year that the girls will be showing/competing Sam, so watch this space for more updates!
PipAlison Cairns
Welcome to the newest member of the Cairns household.
After having Belle for 8 yrs., Jamie (Alison’s son) decided she needed a friend.
Family life has now been turned upside down with the arrival of puppy called Pip.
She lives life to the max and is always on the go, either playing ball or chasing Belle.
Pip also enjoys chasing leaves and bringing them inside for Jamie.
HamishKrissy Catlow
Hamish is the new addition to the Catlow family and joined us in April 2023. Although he has previously raced, he has shown that he can turn his hoof to anything and has recently attended his first Pony Club Camp. He is extremely laid back and loves nothing more than chilling out in his field, followed by the odd carrot and scritches. Currently ridden by Krissy eldest daughter who worships the ground he walks on, he is sure to be spoilt.