The Do’s and Don’ts of Pump Buying

Whether you are a vet or a procurement specialist, buying an infusion pump can be a daunting task. But that’s where Infusion Concepts can help! Our renowned Servicing Engineer, John “Ben” Bennett, has put his expertise to paper to bring you his top tips for buying infusion pumps.

DO buy a pump that is repairable by your supplier during the warranty period and beyond

Ensure your supplier is authorised to carry out warranty repairs.  It will save having to send the device to the manufacturer if the worst should happen, potentially saving weeks of waiting for the pump to be returned.

Ben also places significant importance on the price and availability of spare parts. Enquire before you buy! Spare parts for some pumps and drivers are expensive, making repairs uneconomical.

If you need help or a final confirmation, don’t be afraid to talk to a qualified engineer! Our trusted engineer Ben is available to offer a non-biased opinion on any infusion pump.

DO ensure the seller calibrates pumps and drivers to your specific lines and syringes.

Fluid delivery and pressure calibration are vital to ensure the accurate functioning of your device. Unfortunately, some suppliers sell pumps and drivers to clinics without carrying out any calibrations before delivery. Pumps being uncalibrated can result in huge under or over infusions of fluids.

Unsure if your pump has been correctly calibrated or requires a recalibration? Ben can help here too!

DO ensure the infusion pump or syringe driver is simple to use and quick to set up.

If you have to refer to the manual every time you use the device, you will soon regret the purchase. Instead, ask your supplier for a pump trial before purchasing to ensure your team will be happy using the equipment.

Ben can confidently repair and calibrate most pumps on the market today. Infusion Concepts is not only home to a quality servicing and repairs team. We also offer a vast range of pumps, syringe drivers and other veterinary equipment for sale. All of these are available at competitive prices. So, check your wholesaler today or browse our range to find the best UK veterinary equipment for sale.