Needle Free Valve 10 Pack

  • 100% Silicone
  • Luer-activated
  • Mri-compatible
  • Lipid-stable
  • Swabable convex design

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A ten pack of swabable needle-free valves from Infusion Concepts, designed to make patient disconnection quick and straightforward. These silicone, Luer-activated valves are compatible with any female Luer lock and all transfusion and blood products in the Infusion Concepts range.

These needle-free valves feature an easily swabable convex design, meaning no capping is required during everyday veterinary use. In addition, the valve utilises pre-slit silicone, ensuring the fluid path is directly through the centre.

Needle-free valves from Infusion Concepts can be autoclaved if the asepsis is broken before use and will close fully before the withdrawal of Luer connections. In addition, this valve is fully MRI-compatible and lipid-stable.