DualCap Disinfectant Cap 10 Pack

  • Available in strips of 10
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol sponge
  • Designed for needle-free valves
  • DualCap® IV Pole Strips™ technology


The DualCap Disinfection and Protection System from Infusion Concepts. Available in strips of 10.
The DualCap disinfectant cap can prevent IPA from entering the fluid path. It disinfects the needle-free valve in just 30 seconds, thanks to a 70% isopropyl alcohol sponge.
The DualCap system is easy to grasp and place with just a twist, providing lock-in protection against intravascular infections for up to seven days.
These caps utilise DualCap® IV Pole Strips™ technology, ensuring they can withstand handling and provide hassle-free kennel-side delivery.

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