350ml Blood Bag

  • Utilizes a PVC inner bag
  • Tube length of 150cm
  • Includes 49ml CPDA anti-coagulant
  • Double wrapped with outer foil wrap
  • Alongside a 16G back-bevelled needle


The Infusion Concepts range of 350ml blood bags utilizes a PVC inner bag with outer pack wrapping.

Our blood bags have a tube length of 150cm, alongside a 16G back-bevelled needle connected to the collection tube.

All of our blood bags at Infusion Concepts are double wrapped. This guarantees supreme coagulant protection. Alongside this, the outer foil wrap provides these blood bags with the best shelf life they can attain, reducing the need for refrigeration before use.

Our range of 350ml blood bags for sale includes 49ml CPDA anti-coagulant, allowing for up to 28days of RBC storage.

Our 350ml blood blags feature two outlet ports for transfusion lines, injection spikes and more.

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