Silicone Oesophagostomy Tube

Soft, pliant 100% clear silicone

Radiopaque marker lines

Distance markers

Closed bullet-nosed tip

Up to 4 large lateral outlet holes

Feeding syringe funnel and integral funnel


Depending on size (Fr) of tube, length and outlet amount will vary.

We design and supply a range of quality, soft, 100% silicone oesophagostomy tubes in a range of sizes and lengths. We currently supply 8 — 20 Fr sizes but can provide other sizes and lengths. Please let us know if you require a particular size that we do not currently supply.

Our silicone oesophagostomy Tubes utilise soft, pliant 100% clear silicone material and utilise radiopaque marker lines to confirm placement.
Distance markers are also included for accuracy, with a closed bullet-nosed tip for gentle placement.
This tube features 3 or 4 large lateral outlet holes and comes with a feeding syringe funnel as standard, alongside an integral funnel.