This kit presents a polyurethane Single Lumen catheter kit meticulously engineered for deployment via the Seldinger technique, inclusive of all essential components for both insertion and capping.

Included is a catheter featuring a soft-tipped design with distance markings, ensuring gentle venous access, alongside a guidewire equipped with straight/straight soft tips and distance indicators. A bridge clamp facilitates adjustable placement lengths, while a range of lengths and sizes cater to diverse needs.

Opting for a jugular catheter offers distinct advantages, including prevention of kinking during placement and utilization, extended placement duration of up to 28 days, increased access points for intravenous placement, and enhanced patient comfort compared to standard catheters.

This comprehensive jugular catheter kit is particularly suitable for:

  • Cases necessitating prolonged intravenous access
  • Scenarios requiring frequent blood sampling
  • Administration of irritant fluids such as Chemotherapy and TPN fluids
  • Central venous pressure (CVP) monitoring
  • Chemotherapy induction protocols

Components within this kit encompass:

  • Polyurethane Catheter
  • Adjustable Suture Wing
  • Scalpel Blade with Handle
  • Guide Wire with Holder (Featuring Straight/Straight tips)
  • Seldinger Introducer Needle
  • Dilator
  • Non-latex Injection Caps