Opaque Infusion Line

  •  Avoiding any risk of light denaturing the drug with UV light screening.
  •  Opaque Y-injection port.
  • 20 drop/ml vented filtered drip chamber.
  • Rotating male Luer lock.

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Our opaque giving set offers an ideal way to administer light-sensitive drugs, such as metronidazole, either by gravity or via infusion pump, avoiding any risk of light denaturing the drug. UV light screening/penetration on this set is: 0% from 190-328 nm, and <10% from 330- 382 nm

This simple one-piece infusion line is 250cm in length, and features a single opaque Y-injection port,  a 20 drop/ml vented filtered drip chamber, and a rotating male Luer lock.

This giving set has an  100cm section of pump compatible tubing running between the chamber and the first port and performs well on most infusion pumps, including:

  • VetPro 2000
  • Niki V4
  • Optima VS
  • Aqupharm
  • Alaris GW


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