Mindray Animal Care AniFM S3 Syringe Driver

At last! We have a reliable, robust, intelligent touch screen. Developed to cope with everyday life in the veterinary environment.

The AniFM S3 at a glance:

  • Infuse in Rate, Time & Dose mode
  • Automatic break. Device will stop if accidentally dropped or subjected to external force
  • Quick access, colour coded drugs library
  • Rotating mounting cube for universal attachment to kennels or poles
  • Onscreen dashboard style display, providing pre-alarms to changes in delivery pressure
  • Connect and monitor multiple devices when connected to your Central Monitoring System
  • High definition touch screen. Smooth and responsive with up to 5 layers of gloves. Visible and clear from 3 metres away
  • Can be calibrated to multiple brands of syringes


Innovation in Drops

The AniFM Series revolutionise the functionality and versatility of infusion/syringe pumps with smooth delivery, accuracy, and efficient infusion for animals.

Intelligent Touch Screen

The intuitive 3.5 inch touchscreen clearly shows key parameters at a glance:

  • Drug name/colour/concentration
  • Speed/Dose
  • Time, total infusion volume, infusion volume, body weight/body surface area

Parameters shown on screen can be personalised.

The screen can be seen clearly from 3 metres away. Simply swipe up or down to access more information if required.

Change the flow rate with a few simple taps, without stopping the machine.

The robust touch screen still offers smooth control even with up to 5 layers of sterile gloves.

Dynamic Alarm

The visual alarm with graphics and text, gives a clear indication of the problem (e.g. Syringe unseated) allowing for efficient identification and resolution of any problems.


The AniFM S3 features automatic brake technology to avoid accidental bolus if the syringe is subject to external force or accidentally dropped.

Innovative Design

The rotating universal mounting system allows attachment to kennels and vertical or horizontal poles.

Multi Device Interconnection

The built-in Wi-Fi allows for connection with a Central Monitoring System (CMS).

Additionally, it enables centralised management of the animals’ infusion status from different wards including infectious disease/isolation wards, infusion rooms, in-patient departments, etc.

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