Standard EasiFree Needle Free Giving Set

FREE PUMP RECALIBRATION – When changing to these giving sets.

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Our range of needle-free giving sets combine the best features of our ModuFlo and Optima ranges of giving sets with our popular range of needle-free valves.

This giving set is 280cm in length, and has a 20 drop/ml chamber which is vented and filtered. This set features proximal and distal needle-free Y-ports, a C-Clamp and roller valve for optimal gravity control, and the distal female Luer lock is needle-free for simple patient disconnection.

This giving set has an  80cm section of pump compatible tubing running between the chamber and the first port and performs well on most infusion pumps, including:

  • VetPro 2000
  • Niki V4
  • Optima VS
  • Aqupharm
  • Alaris GW

Additionally, two in-line Luer connections offer a degree of modularity. With a priming volume of 0.45ml , this set is ideal for small to medium patient sizes.