Check Valve

  • Open silicone disc valve
  • Provide a one-way flow of air and veterinary fluids
  • In-line luer connector for forward fluid movement
  • Reverse direction for flow away from the patient


Our Infusion Concepts Check Valve for sale is an open silicone disc valve with an in-line luer connector for veterinary equipment.

The Check Valve is designed to provide a one-way flow of air and veterinary fluids.

Employ the in-line luer connector on this check valve for forward fluid movement. Then simply reverse direction to ensure flow away from the patient.

This Check Valve for sale prevents the back-flow of fluids under pressure from the secondary line. It attaches to any female Luer Lock on veterinary equipment.

The Check Valve from Infusion Concepts closes and prevents any fluid movement back toward the giving set chamber in the event that distal pressure exceeds the level of infusion pressure.

This check valve also negates the risk of bleeding if the patient damages the line above the valve in any way.