Opaque Infusion Line Flo Guard Set – Baxter 6200/6201 Pump Compatible 240cm 20 drop/ml

  • Designed for use on non-dedicated Baxter Flo-Gard 6200/6201 pumps
  • 20 drop/ml chamber
  • 0.5ml priming volume
  • Rotating male Luer lock
  • Twin Y-port injection sites
  • Kink proof end tube section
  • This 240cm infusion line provides
  • High quality option for use with your Baxter pumps

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This simple one-piece giving set is designed for use on non-dedicated (not requiring the blue clip) Baxter Flo-Guard 6200/6201 pumps.

Featuring a 20 drop/ml chamber, 0.5ml priming volume, rotating male Luer lock, twin Y-port injection sites, and kink proof end tube section, this 240cm infusion line provides a high quality option for use with your Baxter pumps.