Feline 750ml Closed System Drain Set

  • Total length of 180 /210cm.
  • Connects to standard female Luer connectors
  • T-port emptying site
  • 750ml capacity


Lightweight Luer-connected urine drainage set with a 750ml capacity from Infusion Concepts. Utilises a T-port or ‘pull-push’ emptying site and lightweight, tangle-resistant tubing ideal for felines.

An integral C-clamp is included with this set, designed to be used when flushing distal tubing. In addition, this set can be hung from a kennel door for a consistently gentle siphoning pressure of 20cm.

The in-line Luer connections allow for the whole set to be primed before use and provide a convenient access point for regular flushing and sampling.

Also included with this feline drainage set is a straight extension, designed for use with viscous fluids or higher rate drainage. This extension also allows for additional extensions to be added based on patient size.

This set connects to standard female Luer connectors and features a total length of 180 /210cm.