Pet Profile : Riley

Nickname: Riles
Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
Age: 7
Food likes: Food, especially cat food pinched from the bowls whilst they are eating!
Food dislikes: Has fazes of liking things and then not. Has a sensitive tummy like Theo.
Loves: Water !! and running. Why walk when you can run !
Hates: Balloons.
Favourite activity: Playing with good plastic bottle to crackle and throw around.
Most annoying habit: Being the office cleaner and picking things up and carrying them off to hide. Can often be seen with a shoe in his mouth. He also has to be really up close and personal and sneaks his way from being at the side of you, to being literally in your face.
Most memorable moment: When he clashed with Buddy and Zeta catching a ball. He ripped all his gum away from his jaw and ended up having to have surgery.
Favourite person: Charlotte.
How he came to live with Krissy: He was bought as a family pet and just wasn’t getting enough exercise and needed an active household. He was advertised on Facebook and Krissy recommended him to a friend looking for another dog. However, Riley pulled the heart strings and Krissy ended up with him instead.

Pet Profile : Theo

Nickname: Theo, Thee, “T”
Breed: Working cocker spaniel.
Age: 10
Food likes: Food, anything food related especially cat treats
Food dislikes: Pigs ears, trotters, jumbones (they disagree with his tummy)
Loves: Fusses and mud !
Hates: Being bathed ! Being left on his own. Mum’s washing machine.
Favourite activity: Whimpering when anyone leaves the office.
Most annoying habit: Licking himself and playing with bottles when on the phone.
Most memorable moment: The day he decided to dive head first into a muddy bog whilst out on a walk, with no clean water in sight !
Favourite person: Charlotte.
How he came to live with Krissy: However, Theo had other ideas and failed his assessment. Krissy was competing in agility at the time and needed another dog to handle and compete with so we took him on at 6mths old with lots of bad habits.

Pet Profile : Valley

Nickname: Snotty Val, Vallarina, Val
Breed: Domestic Short Hair.
Age: 7
Food likes: Fish from the fish shop, any cooked meat.
Food dislikes: Haven’t found anything yet.
Loves: Kids, zoomies at 3am, escaping and playing in the garden.
Hates: The vets, Riley.
Favourite activity: As any cat, sitting on laptops, sleeping in boxes and being where you don’t want them to be.
Most annoying habit: Is a fussy eater when it comes to meat sachets, and will eat some but leave the rest
Most memorable moment: When she escaped from the house one morning and went missing !! After much searching and worrying, a post was placed on Facebook and she was found in the local park. Transpires she’d had a fun day and had followed some children to the local school, managed to get into the school itself and wandered in and out of the classrooms. The kids loved her.
Favourite person: Cerys or Imogen . . . she just adores children!
How he came to live with Krissy:  –

Pet Profile : Dora

Nickname: Dors
Breed: Domestic Short Hair.
Age: 5
Food likes: Small amount of cooked fish, a little bit of chicken but is quite fussy.
Food dislikes: Prawns.
Loves: Fusses and drinking from the bath tap.
Hates: Loud noises, strange people.
Favourite activity: Meowing all the time and disappearing in the house.
Most annoying habit: Rubbing up against you and having fusses, but then running off as though we are a complete stranger. Waking you up when the alarm goes off by tapping my mouth with her paw and if you don’t respond, she stick the claws in !
Most memorable moment: Bringing her home to meet Valley. She hid under the chest of drawers on the bedroom and you only saw a paw coming out.
Favourite person: Krissy.
How he came to live with Krissy:  –

Pet Profile : Steelaway Grey

Nickname: Wilky (Mr Wilks, Mr Wilkinson)
Breed: Thoroughbred.
Age: 18 years old and 16.1hh
Food likes: Carrots, most apples, polo’s molasses licks.
Food dislikes: Granny Smith apples and anything that involves effort like lickits.
Loves: Being out in the field, rolling in mud.
Hates: Flies, anything tickling his ears.
Favourite activity: Loves to jump.
Most annoying habit: He nuzzles you and searches your pockets for treats. Unhooks the electric fence and joins his friends in the field.
Most memorable moment: Our first jumping round when he decided he knew better and did the course quicker than expected.
Favourite person: Krissy, she’s the one with the treats! 
How he came to live with Krissy:  –

Pet Profile : Bercoed Sior

Nickname: Sam (Sambalino)
Breed: Welsh Section D
Age: 14 years old and 14.2hh
Food likes: Carrots, most apples, polo’s, lickits, molasses licks, the list goes on. 
Food dislikes: Parsnips! 
Loves: Being out in the field.
Hates: Being bathed with a hosepipe, coming in from the field.
Favourite activity: Being mischievous and unpicking the electric fencing.
Most annoying habit: He was taught to say please by pawing his hoof . . . .  he does this all the time for treats !
Most memorable moment: There are a few ! Most of them involve the girls coming off him in one form or another. He has a habit of changing his leg, for no reason when cantering.
Favourite person: Anyone with treats! 
How he came to live with Krissy:  –

Pet Profile : Buddy

Nickname: Buds
Breed: English springer spaniel
Age: 12
Food likes: Food, anything food related especially cat treats
Food dislikes: Tomatoes
Loves: Chasing his ball (although now on restrictions with this) walks and being fussed. Especially his tummy being rubbed.
Hates: Being bathed ! Just lies down when you try to bath him 
Favourite activity: Walks and sniffing.
Most annoying habit: Sneaking up and lying down behind you when in the kitchen.
Most memorable moment: When he caught his ear on a nail as he was jumping into the car. The ear was bleeding quite badly but he didn’t flinch as was very disappointed when it ended up being a trip to the vets and not for a walk as intended. He also has a habit of jumping into the canal or river and not being able to get back out.
Favourite person: Rick (Jacqui’s partner)
Naughtiest moment:

Pet Profile : Jerry

Nickname: Jez
Breed: Domestic short hair
Age: 8
Food likes: Fresh ham, fresh chicken and sometimes cheese
Food dislikes: Fish
Loves: Buddy & sleeping! 
Hates: Fish and the vacuum. 
Favourite activity: Eating and sitting on the roof of the car
Most annoying habit: Scratching the bedroom door at 4am
Most memorable moment: When they were introduced to my last dog, Kira. Jerry wasn’t too well, and just let Kira fuss him for 3 days. He could always be found curled up in her tail
Favourite person: Anyone that has treats ! but not Krissy !!
Naughtiest moment:

Pet Profile : Jasper

Nickname: Jaspp
Breed: Domestic short hair
Age: 8
Food likes: Fresh ham, fresh chicken and sometimes cheese
Food dislikes: Fish
Loves: Sleep and watching birds. Like to talk to them making little noises.
Hates: Fish and the vacuum. 
Favourite activity: Eating.
Most annoying habit: Biting Jacqui’s feet when in the bathroom.
Most memorable moment: When they were introduced to my last dog, Kira. Jasper hid behind the sofa for 3 days.
Favourite person: Anyone that has treats.
Naughtiest moment:

Pet Profile : Jess

Breed: Labrador
Age: 3
Food likes: Anything except apple
Food dislikes: Apples
Loves: Swimming
Hates: Small dogs
Favourite activity: Running
Most annoying habit: Chasing deer
Most memorable moment: 1st time at the beach
Favourite person: Whoever feeds her
Naughtiest moment: Once ate a whole roast Ham

Pet Profile : Siyah

Nickname: Son, Diddle.
Breed: Springer Spaniel.
Age: 6
Food likes: Sunday dinner, cat poo, cat sick, you name it.
Food dislikes: Cabbage, carrot peel, cucumber
Loves: Chasing his ball, swimming, walks in general.
Hates: Other dogs, he will ignore them!
Favourite activity: Jumping in and out of any water, eating.
Most annoying habit: He will sulk if he feels he hasn’t had a sufficient walk.
Most memorable moment: The day he discovered water, the diving that followed.
Favourite person: Everyone. 
How he came to live with Charlotte: Siyah was rehomed at the age of 2 after his previous owners didn’t quite understand just how energetic a springer spaniel was.

He was not taken for walks, but left to roam their large garden

Charlotte, her mum & dad had experience with the breed, so were the best to take him. Safe to say he now is the most chilled Spaniel they have owned thus far!


Pet Profile : Belle

Nickname: Bellaroo
Breed: Jack Russell / Corgi
Age: 11
Food likes: Most food but cheese is her favourite
Food dislikes: Anything with gravy in
Loves: Going on walks / having belly rubs
Hates: Getting ears nibbled by pip
Favourite activity: Sleeping
Most annoying habit: Barking
Most memorable moment: Taking her on holiday to Norfolk & Whitehaven
Favourite person: Alison as she does everything for me

From joining my forever family in October 2021 at just 10weeks old, I’ve grown from a shy timid little puppy into a strong boisterous, mischievous 10month old teenager.

My favourite hobbies are playing ball from the moment I wake up (which is usually early) till the moment I go to bed, or play fighting with my older sister Belle. On an evening I like to stand at the window and watch for Jamie coming home from work as he always plays with me and doesn’t complain to much when I get to rough and accidently nibble his fingers or toes. I also like to watch my forever mum do the cooking hoping she will drop a bit so I can eat it before she sees. My favourite food is cheese which she always shares with Belle and myself. The forever mum is the strictest and sometimes tells me off for digging in the garden (usually in the flowerbeds) or for biting and destroying my bed, (which i have done to quite a few). But I always manage to win her round with my sad puppy eyes and a cuddle. Recently mum had to work from home, I did my best to help her, but I don’t think she appreciated it and kept telling me to go away and to take my ball with me.


Pet Profile : Pip

Nickname: Grotbag (alison calls her this)
Breed: Lab/collie
Age: 10 Months
Food likes: Likes all food especially cheese
Food dislikes: Nothing
Loves: Playing ball and going for walks play fighting with belle
Hates: Being told off Favourite activity playing ball
Most annoying habit: Barking
Most memorable moment: Bringing her home
Favourite person: Jamie, as he let’s her get away with everything

Pet Profile : Ar Kid

Nickname: Son, chicken, little sh*t
Breed: DSH
Age: 1
Food likes: Anything edible
Food dislikes: Nothing so far!
Loves: Winding Dot up
Hates: Taking medication, having his nails cut, having a collar on
Favourite activity: Adventuring
Most annoying habit: Loses collars weekly
Most memorable moment: Breaking his femur, going missing – all before the age of 1!!
Favourite person: Charlotte’s Mum
How he came to live with Charlotte: Charlotte took him home to ‘foster’ over the Christmas period, and he never returned to the vets!
He had been found in an abandoned freezer at 4 weeks old and was semi feral. Charlotte thought it best he needed some human company!

Pet Profile : Dot

Nickname: Honey, Chicken
Breed: DSH
Age: 8 (ish)
Food likes: Tuna
Food dislikes: Dreamies!
Loves: ‘Noseying’ out of the bedroom window
Hates: Loud noises
Favourite activity: Strokes, adventuring, beating Mavis up
Most annoying habit: Decides to clean herself (loudly) just as Charlotte is falling asleep
Most memorable moment: The day she came home, she curled up in Charlotte’s arms and went to sleep
Favourite person: Charlotte
How she came to live with Charlotte: Dot was signed over to the vets as her previous owner could not afford her enucleation operation, the rest is history!

Pet Profile : Mavis

Nickname: Mave, chicken, noisy, foghorn
Breed: DSH x BSH
Age: 16
Food likes: Tuna
Food dislikes: Dreamies!
Loves: Strokes at all times
Hates: Being picked up
Favourite activity: Sleeping, meowing
Most annoying habit: Being very stubborn
Most memorable moment: The day she let people stroke her!
Favourite person: Siyah