Infusion Concepts

Jugular Catheters

Polyurethane catheter kits for placement by the seldinger (guide wire) technique. Available in Single; Double and Triple lumen

Soft tipped catheters provide easy, atraumatic venous access. Supplied as complete kits with all items necessary for placing and capping.

Long stay cases requiring IV access, when frequent blood sampling is required. Infusion of irritant fluids (chemotherapy, TPN fluids). Monitoring (CVP) central venous pressure. Chemotherapy induction course, simultaneous administration of fluids.

Available in a wide range of sizes, lengths and number of channels. Guide wire has straight soft tips and distance marking, soft polyurethane material with distance marking, sets include bridge clamp to allow variable placement length. Placement duration upto 28 days.

Jugular catheters do not kink during normal placement, greater access points for IV placement, prolonged placement duration, improved patient comfort and CVP monitoring.