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Injectomat Agilia Syringe Pump


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General Features

Class A neonatal syringe driver

Compact & simple to operate

Table top, IV pole or bar mount; also fits our kennel clamp system

Clear display of all infusion parameters, alarms and warnings

Alarm volume and display brightness adjustable

Stackable and linked power supply available

Solid syringe plunger protection arm to avoid damage and accidental bolus

Carry handle



Infusion Modes


ml/hr with volume limit


Technical & Functional Summary

Drive mechanism +/- 1%

KVO function available

Battery autonomy > 15 hours @ 5 ml/hr

Dose/Volume limit available

Flow rates up to 1,200 ml/hr (syringe size-dependant)

Accepts 5-50/60ml syringes; wide syringe brand library

Dynamic pressure sensing ; anti-bolus function

Simple bolus operation (up to 1,200 ml/hr)


* Size: 345 x 160 x 135 (L x H x D: mm)
* Weight: 2.15 Kg


Injectomat Syringe Driver

Stackable system

Injectomat Front Panel

Pole Mount Clamp

Simple Menu Selection

Horizontal Bar Mount

Simple Flow Rate Changes